Matt & Michelle

If you are on this page, you most likely received a letter from Matt & Michelle that looks like this one:

They are looking to purchase a home in your neighborhood.  Your home is in the size, location, & approximate price they can afford.

They hired me to help find them a home before mortgage rates can jump up any further. 

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I can tell you that Matt & Michelle are an excellent buyer for your home:

> A reputable lender has pre-qualified them to purchase.

> The lender has verified their source of downpayment and reserves.

> Their employment is the reliable W2 income that lenders prefer.


The lender already has written (DU) Direct Underwriter Approval.  This means all they have to do is find a home, get a purchase agreement signed, and the lender can move forward with the process to approve the loan.

> They are both long time residents of the area.

> They are flexible on the close of escrow date.

> They will allow you to Rent Back the home (if you need time to purchase or rent another home).


To save you money, I agreed in my representation agreement with them to discount the commission to 3% total for handling both sides of the transaction.

NOTE:  Matt & Michelle are NOT house flippers.  They will lovingly maintain your home if you allow them to purchase it and they are happy to pay full market value on a house BEFORE mortgage rates can increase any further.

If you have questions and/or would be willing to let Matt & Michelle take a look at your home, please contact me via email or cell/text: 714-336-0394.