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Advice for home owners History of Agency in California Residential Real Estate Transactions May 12, 2024  |  714-336-0394  | | Broker of Record – Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors  As one of the very few practicing real estate professionals in California who has worked through all the Agency changes in California Residential Real Estate Transactions over the last 40 years,  I can effectively explain where the real estate industry […]
Advice for home owners PRESS RELEASE FOR SELLER CLIENTS regarding NAR Settlement & Buyer Agent Commissions For immediate Release – March 16, 2024: By Scot D. Campbell, Broker of Record  ~  Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors, Huntington Beach, CA The changes reflect the most significant modification of the rules of agency since the practice of Buyer Agency was introduced following the Easton V. Strassburger case in 1984. The changes to the Multiple Listing Service […]
Advice for home buyers The Luxury TREND Report 2024 The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury TRENDS Report for 2024 has been published. It is filled with insights on luxury markets in the United States and internationally. Enjoy the reading!    
Advice for home owners 10 Year Huntington Beach Real Estate Market Summary My observations of Huntington Beach real estate market conditions allow me to provide valuable insights to home buyers & sellers.  If you have a minute, allow me to point out the trends and conditions that drove the real estate market over the last 10 years. Days of Supply is defined as the number of days […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: Real estate related law changes for the New Year. Source:  California Assn of Realtors – by Huntington Beach Realtor Scot Campbell – 714-336-0394 As always, there are many new laws going into effect for the New Year.  There are some that homeowners and landlords should be aware of.  Below is a summary of laws going into effect in 2024: GENERAL HOUSING LAW CHANGE:   […]
Advice for home buyers SPECIAL REPORT:  What is the Best Indicator of Market Conditions for the Huntington Beach Housing Market By Scot Campbell, Realtor 12/7/2023 | Sources: Reports on Housing, Realtor MLS, NAR, Wikipedia I have been selling real estate for over 30 years in Huntington Beach, and I have a formal education in real estate finance and economics. So, my friends, past clients, and family often ask the familiar question: “How is the Market?” […]
Advice for home buyers SPECIAL REPORT: 2023 Year End Market Recap for Huntington Beach By Scot Campbell, Broker | Source: Realtor MLS, FreddieMac, NAR Revised – December 28, 2023 How is the Huntington Beach Market?  “Days of Supply” is the best overall indicator of real estate market conditions in Huntington Beach.  I have been tracking the numbers carefully since 2014. A Days of Supply reading above 120 is a […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: Where are people moving? by Scot Campbell, Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors According to an article in Axios on 10/28/2023, there are some very clear patterns on where people moved in 2022.  “New data from the U.S. Census shows that around 820,000 people moved out of California and 550,000 out of New York in 2022. They join more than 8 million […]
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Advice for home owners What are the typical Seller Closing Costs   Typically, buyers are stretching to get all the money necessary for the down payment and closing costs when they purchase a home. Since buyers are unable to close the escrow without all the necessary funds, the real estate industry long ago structured the normal payment of closing costs as we see today.  Yes, it […]
Advice for home owners Why is it important to use the Best Imagery for your home listing?   We have all seen those property photos on the Realtor MLS or Zillow that make you wonder “Do they not want to sell the house?”  Sometimes listing photos have bad lighting, poor resolution, are blurry, or perhaps the house just was not ready to be photographed in the first place. Listings which have poor […]
Advice for home buyers SPECIAL REPORT: Exchanging With a Related Party Source: Article was provided by First American Exchange Company, LLC, a Qualified Intermediary, is not a financial or real estate broker, agent or salesperson, and is precluded from giving financial, real estate, tax or legal advice. Consult with your financial, real estate, tax or legal advisor about your specific circumstances. First American Exchange Company, LLC […]
Advice for home buyers Here are 50 real estate terms you should know by Scot Campbell | Broker | Realtor | 714-336-0394 | Whether a home buyer, home seller, investor, or Realtor, there are some words and phrases that frequently crop up. With the help of Inman News and 30+ years in the industry, I chose 50 terms to create an easy-to-use glossary you’ll return to again […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: California CAPITAL GAINS TAX Rules real estate investors and homeowners should know before selling By Scot Campbell, Broker | Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors | | 714-336-0394 In March 2022, writer Jeff White wrote an interesting article which was published in Seeking Alpha.  I read the article recently and made some notes… below are the interesting points and examples I organized for your consideration while I was reviewing the article. […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: Step-Up in Basis ~ What It Is & How Does It Apply to Real Estate By Scot Campbell, Broker | Coldwell Banker-Campbell Realtors | | 714-336-0394 According to an informative article written by Kimberlee Leanard in Seeking Alpha, a “step-up in basis” is an adjustment to the value of appreciated assets upon inheritance. It is important to understand the rationale for this rule and how it impacts investment real […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: Residential Installment Sales ~ Who should consider this type of a home sale?  INSTALLMENT SALES ARE FOR HOMESELLERS WHO WANT TO REDUCE CAPTIAL GAINS TAXES AND DESIRE RELIABLE MONTHLY INCOME AFTER THE CLOSE:  For years, sellers of real estate have used Installment Sales (seller carry back financing) to reliably collect income after selling a property… they also did it to defer and minimize capital gains taxes. When rates […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: What can Homeowners Facing A Big Capital Gain Tax Liability do to “Sensibly Make a Move” ? What can a capital gain tax conscious homeowner do to sensibly “make a move” when their Highly Appreciated home is no longer consistent with their lifestyle or budget? Real Estate Marketplace Observations by Scot Campbell – Real Estate Broker Background: The sale of a significantly appreciated personal residence often requires the payment of substantial capital […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: What is IRS SECTION 121 and How is it applicable to the sale of your home? The Section 121 Exclusion is an IRS rule that allows you to exclude from taxable income a gain of up to $250,000 from the sale of your principal residence. A couple filing a joint return gets to exclude up to $500,000. To get the exclusion a taxpayer must own and use the home as their main […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: How PROPOSITION 19 affects property taxes on inherited property In California, parents or grandparents may transfer their primary residence to their children or grandchildren without the property’s tax assessment resetting to market value. However, Proposition 19 only provides exemption from tax reassessment when the transferred property was the primary residence of the qualifying parent(s) or grandparent(s) and the child or grandchild continues to occupy […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: State of California PROP 19 Q&A California Assn of Realtors | Prop 19 Q&A How does Proposition 19 benefit California’s housing market, provide tax savings for homeowners and create new homeownership opportunities? Homeowners who are 55+ or severely disabled can transfer the property tax base of their existing home to another home anywhere in California, regardless of price, to be closer […]
Advice for home owners SPECIAL REPORT: When Markets Shift, there are always people who benefit from the new conditions… Who are the “Winners” in today’s market? Market Observations By Scot Campbell – Real Estate Broker   ~  Source: Freddie Mac & Reports on Housing BACKGROUND: Home Prices skyrocketed from July 2020 through February 2022. Buyers & many Sellers benefited from mortgage rates that dipped all the way down to 2.86% in September 2021… but then the mortgage market began to increase. The […]